The Engine of the New Global Gaming Economy

The GG Token is a gaming protocol that drives value engagements for video game and video game lifestyle media properties and creates new income opportunities for gaming communities. The GG Token combines best practices from virtual game economies with cryptocurency to drive the new global gaming economy.

In the US, the GG token Sale is open to accredited investors only.

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Reward Consumer Engagement

The GG Token Ecosystem is designed as a gaming protocol enabling any application/ company involved in video games to drive and reward high value engagements from the gaming community. This is a best practice commonly found in mobile games: when consumers perform meaningful actions, they are rewarded with virtual currency. As an example, an engagement might be completing a level in a game, completing user registration, referring a friend or viewing an ad; in exchange, the consumer earns tokens.

Unlock New Income Opportunities

The GG Token Ecosystem is designed to become a revolutionary income driver for the gaming community: they can earn tokens for taking actions related to their passion for video games. This is not just limited to playing games: this could include engaging with content, playing in a tournament, using a video game service, offering services to other gamers within a marketplace (e.g. coaching) or providing data to marketers via engaging with advertising.

Drive Token Adoption

The GG Token Ecosystem will not solely rely on the ReadyUp platform or any single application/company to drive its economy. Instead, GG Token Ecosystem and all applications or platforms built within it will leverage a universal set of gaming properties and mechanics to attract multiple gaming applications. This ensures that the token ecosystem is free to grow organically without a centralized authority controlling its direction.

Launch Partner
ReadyUp - Meet, Compete, Get Better

ReadyUp (launching Fall 2018) enables the gaming community to meet gamers they like, compete against other teams more easily with the support of group management tools, and get better by accessing a global marketplace of gamer services, like coaching, that are driven by GG Token Ecosystem. ReadyUp is also The GG Token Ecosystem’s strategic partner and actively involved in the protocol design/build as well as providing business development and publisher development services.